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Heartbreak Listing(s)
"Had we never lov'd sae kindly, Had we never lov'd sae blindly, Never met -- or never parted -- we had never been broken-hearted."
- Burns, Robert

"It isn't enough for your heart to break because everybody's heart is broken now.
- Ginsberg, Allen

"Don't waste time trying to break a man's heart; be satisfied if you can just manage to chip it in a brand new place."
- Rowland, Helen

"It is a curious sensation: the sort of pain that goes mercifully beyond our powers of feeling. When your heart is broken, your boats are burned: nothing matters any more. It is the end of happiness and the beginning of peace."
- Shaw, George Bernard

"A broken heart is a very pleasant complaint for a man in London if he has a comfortable income."
- Shaw, George Bernard

"How else but through a broken heart may Lord Christ enter in?"
- Wilde, Oscar

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