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6 Secrets of Financial Planning



If you’re worried about your income and expenses, then for sure it is the time to look out for a good financial planner. This is not simply a caprice, as there are thousands of people who use this kind of service with outstanding results.

When you start walking on this path, you need to find a good financial planner, otherwise all the effort will be for nothing.

Here is what to look for when you want to get this kind of service:

Reputation is everything

circle-fpWhen you’re looking for the right counselor to help you with your financial planning, make sure he has a good reputation. There are several methods to find out if the person of your choice is good, and asking around is one of these methods. If you know somebody who got to a certain planner and everything turned out ok, then you can go and talk to that person. It doesn’t mean that you have to go to an old person, but that the planner you choose has experience.



Not any person can do financial planning, as there are studies that need to be made. Also, this kind of job requires one ore more diplomas or credentials, that one can’t have without an exam. These qualifications mean that the person has taken courses and has a higher education in finance than the average person. It also means that they know what they are doing in their field of work.

Such a license requires continuous training in finance, so the financial planners need to undertake many courses and workshops during their career.

Listening skills

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Part of their job is to listen to what people really need. When we say ‘listen’, it is not just about listen to your talking, but to actually understand what you are saying and think and act for your benefit.

A financial planner that doesn’t respect his clients’ wishes is not to be taken into consideration. A successful planning is the one made in accordance to what the client wants and needs. It’s one thing to explain to a client why a certain procedure won’t work for his benefit, and it’s entirely another thing to assume what the client wants without asking him first and discussing the options.

Costs for session

There are certain ways that you can pay for what the planner is offering, but be careful what you choose. It’s always advisable not to go with the one that has commission fees. Make sure before you hire a financial planner that he or she goes with an hourly rate. It’s less expensive for you and also works into your benefit.

If the planner asks for commission, make sure you reject it, because this proves that he or she is working for his own benefit (or her own).

You are the priority

financial-planning-mistakesA good planner will always take into consideration what the client wants. This means that he will put you first and your wishes. You are his priority; otherwise, you can go and look for another planner. Being his priority means that your interests are above what he wants; it is important because you will receive good advice when something of your choosing is not right for your finances.

Good support

Any good planner will be supported by a complex team, made of experts in different fields related to financial planning. The team is to offer support and advice, no matter what the client says. A planner that works in the interest of his clients knows that he cannot do the job alone and will always seek advice and expertise from professionals.

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