Why Use Quotations

Every Speech Becomes Memorable With Great Quotations In Its Content

The truth is that most people panic if they are asked to give a speech, lecture or motivational essay to a group gathered before them. They do not know how to open their talk or continue speaking without boring their assembled guests. Perhaps this is a flashback to days spent sitting in classrooms with teachers that talked to their classes without truly inspiring great thought.

This does not have to be the case when one is using the right words and phrases to get their points across. Great Quotations make excellent openers for any kind of talk. All it takes is a knack of finding the right quote to enhance the subject matter that is being presented. The first thing to do is to ascertain what historic or literary figures will stir the crowd. If listeners can relate to the historic or fictional character, they will make a greater effort to listen intently.

Motivational Quotes are most useful when they were originally uttered by someone who rose to fame in an impressive fashion. Words become additionally powerful when written by a historic figure that personified the traditional “rags to riches” story. This is why excerpts from the speeches of Abraham Lincoln are exceedingly popular with school groups and college classes.

The use of Inspirational Quotes can be a powerful tool when speaking to listeners who wish to lift themselves out of areas of depression and self-pity. This is why strong personalities often make the best and most lasting impression. By repeating their words, speakers find that they are empowered themselves in ways previously unimaginable.

One particular line that has served speakers well since the 1930’s was orginally spoken by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself” was said to deter frightened Americans from taking their money out of the nation’s banks. However since that time, its meaning has been used to strengthen confidence during a variety of situations and dire national scenarios.

Corporate speakers are frequently asked to address a crowd of people and lead them to higher performance. Leadership Quotes from members of the business world serve this purpose well. It is good to add phrases written by business leaders that a current audience will recognize immediately like Warren Buffet and Suzie Ormond. To find the right words, speakers should take a look in books that have spent time on the author’s best sellers list or in television interviews.

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